Comet Savings & Loan is the ideal place for students to learn about financial literacy and become more familiar with the banking process!

Comet Savings & Loan is an in-school bank, fully operated by students.

 CS&L is sponsored by Fifth Third Bank and all accounts are FDIC insured. Students and staff at Mason High School may open up either a Savings Account, Comet Classic Account, or a Certificate of Deposit.


CS&L's Savings Account is ideal for students looking to make frequent transactions at a convenient location.

Comet Classic

CS&L's Comet Classic Account is great for students looking to deposit weekly paychecks and save for irregular expenses.

Certificate of Deposit

CS&L's Certificate of Deposit is ideal for students looking to save for college, or other large expenses.

CS&L is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11:00-12:17